Re: RosAsm Documentation Absurdity

I gave an idea of improvement and you replies with your habitual
The possibility to add custom resource in the PE. The menu is done
you just have to add a submenu "Custom" and give the possibility to
choose the ID and the "TYPE" (because your are rigourous on the terms
used and I don't you to be confused as your understanding depends on
very few things).

Types and IDs are completely different things.

Now, as you fail to understand the problem, i recommend you
to write a "Custom" Resources Editor, and to try, by yourself,
to declare, for example, a Table of Strings Resources. Good
luck, child.

I don't know who fails to understand when you keep saying that IDs and
Types are different things when I never said the opposite.

When you will be over trying, you will understand by yourself
the reason why everybody uses specific Resources Editors.


So I must understand that the resource editor in RosAsm is as usefull
as shit. That's what I was thinking anyway but YOU wrote it. Thanks
for approving my points.

Did I miss you brother.


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