Re: Gonzales, Another one bites the dust.

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Awe diddums,

Poor Keith is feeling left out of it again.

Actually, I am somewhere in the middle... extremists are bad no matter
who they are.

I am fundamentally a pragmatist
who gets the job done.

I have no frame of reference on the rest of the thread, but that
sentence captures the perspective of the masses. Well said.

- Scott

How is this different from others who act as tyrants using the same
justification? He can call himself anything he wants... but *actions*
are the measurable substance.

Do you mean like your "actions" in treating Rob Rice like a piece of
sh*t and trying to humiliate him before the rest of the membership ?
You are indeed measured by your actions and you personally are found
wanting for your own appalling conduct to the members of your forum.
Are you that stupid that you don't know why the bulk of your
membership left and joined other sensible places like the fasm and
masm forums ?

You can keep masquerading the facts, but it doesn't change the reality
of things.

For every word that comes out of your mouth in how I handled
Rob.Rice's discord, it amplifies the disgust in how you bait-n-trapped
Ratch into one of your little one-sided political shunning sessions.

The popularity of MASM32 in the ASM programming world ............

Isn't it simply a matter of sour grapes that people like you could
never run a project like MASM32 ? Are the shoes of people 10 years ago
too big for you to fill up ? Those before you who thought they could
take over both FASM and the MASM32 Project were left flat on their
arse for having tried, were you stupid enough to think that you could
do it ? You need to remember that the power you are after to use
against other people is something I don't need and that you will never

So you still see your power-trip as an attempt by others to perform a
coup on who releases MASM32. It is just as an pathetic excuse now as
it was then.

I'd hate to break this to you, but there is no "power" obtained in
releasing MASM32, or determining who releases MASM32... along with no
additional benefit in doing so even if people wanted to. You are
speaking of a relatively obscure development package in terms of the
global programming community, related to something Microsoft is
phasing out itself, so your ego shines through once again.

You also seem to forget that, personally, I have no use for MASM, as I
use NASM. So blow your smoke elsewhere.

There is only one solution for someone with your aspirations, get off
your arse and actually bother to do enough work and you could end up
as a highly self acclaimed guru like Betov. Betov for all of his mouth
flapping has at least done the work where you are that lazy that you
think you can steal it from someone else. You have a freedom fries
hope in Hades of stealing other peoples work, why make a bigger fool
of yourself trying ?

Unlike you, I have actually contributed quality programming effort
towards an assembly language project. I am sorry that your lack of
programming skill keeps you from experiencing such an achievement
outside of pharming the code of others. I am sorry that you have to
have others spoon-feed you source code for you to understand and
accept methods due to your lack of programming capability outside of
PowerBASIC and Iczelion's Tutorials.

Does Jeremy Collake (an ex virus writer) and him spoon-feeding you the
assembly language implementation of the Boyer-Moore algorithm, the
very same algorithm that you previously mocked due to your ignorance
and inability to express in assembly language, bring back any

everyone wins... but are judged as wanting, morally.

And herein lies the folly of a bad mannered script kiddie
pontificating at a whole host of people who have already abandoned his
forum because of his abuse of members.

Masquerade at will, but reality is not affected.

As for the constant "script kiddie" remarks... last time I checked...
you were the one using PowerBASIC as a primary development tool.

Its time to go back to KP duty, whip out the old spud peeler and start
doing your duty. Just don't confuse KP duty with KY duty, with the
level of frostbite damage on your butt, you could not handle the
additional wear and tear.

Off-topic libel doesn't change reality... and it doesn't earn you any
"cool" points like it did for people who picked on you in school :)