Re: Gonzales, Another one bites the dust.

"hutch--" <hutch@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

Nonsense, it happened in the middle of an intense debate I had with
on a wacky political proposition you made. See reply #27

You are right about the timing but you were banned for rule violation.
You can argue with me any old time but it will not be in the masm
forum, you have broken the rules too many times.

The rule being not to contradict or argue with you on political

Feel free to turn ALA to trash but it has already been done many time
before you so its nothing new.

At least it is honest and uncensored. Your forum allows only one
political view, namely yours. If another opinion is submitted too often, it
is called a "rules violation", i.e. it contradicts what Hutch says.

Delusions again, many people disagree with me over many things,

Not politics, and not for long.

No, you are just confusing your conduct with that of others, you were
banned for your conduct, you opinion was irrelevant.

Of course it was, expressing my opinion of your BS is bad conduct in
your forum.

Yes no doubt you will, if the irate grannies from Arizona don't get
you, Jim Carlock will. Which way do you want it, raped with a walking
frame or turned to mincemeat ?

None of the above.

You live dangerously, if the grannies don't get you Jim will. Think of
how you will look with a walking frame handle sticking out of your

I like to live dangerously. Ratch