Re: Blatant Censureship and post deletion at the SpooK and Betov Boards.


I expect better than this from you, your less than 1024 byte example
is broken as it does not conform to the published PE specification. I
have seen hand coded HEX examples of so called PE files at around 100
bytes but the specification requires two sections so the smallest it
can be is 512 * 2 = 1024. You need to understand that you are not
coding DOS crap now, win32 is legal spec PE files.

here is your 2 byte COM file for DOS written in masm 6.11.

com_seg segment byte public ; define the ONLY segment

assume cs:com_seg, ds:com_seg ; both code & data in same
org 100h ; go to start adress in memory.

start: ; code execution extry point

int 19h ; reboot

com_seg ends ; define the end of the segment.

end start

HEX = CD 19

RE your attempt to re-interpret Wannabee's challenge, I have already
posted the masm32 project, It was already posted at
when Wannabee made his challenge so you attempt at re-interpretation
is in error.

Wannabee failed to deliver in his challenge and he is required by his
promise to eat his hat and never come back and that is after he
apologises for feeding bullshit about RotAsm to the members of ALA.