Re: simple 47 bits newbe ;_0

På Sun, 09 Sep 2007 16:32:20 +0100, skrev Betov <betov@xxxxxxx>:

//\\\\o//\\\\annabee <w@xxxxx> écrivait

mov edi 077E38CAE
call edi

What is this?

good question. it is what OLLY tells me 'USER32.MessageBoxA' resolve to.
for _another_ program.

eg olly will say:

mov edi user32.MessageBoxA

so. I wanted to see if it would resolve the same under RosAsm.

And it does.
Also after reboot.

but only if Rosasm contain at least one ordinary import.
works for other API then as well.

eg. Seems RosAsm doesnt build the PE properly without at least one API import.
which means that my


only appear to run, but rather just doesnt do anything at all.
(under Rosasm 2.049a)


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