Re: "HAY" Wannabee, what time is it?

On Sep 17, 6:55 pm, Scott Waters <jas...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I've noticed that my clock gets changed when switching between Windows
and Linux. Set it correct in one environment -- it becomes "wrong" in
the other. Has anyone discovered a cure?

With the time working correctly in Windows,

In Linux, I did these for Date/Time Properties...

Network_Time_Protocol Tab: Check Enable NTP
Network_Time_Protocol Tab: Uncheck Synchronize System Clock
Network_Time_Protocol Tab: Check Use Local Time Source

Time_Zone Tab: Uncheck "System Clock Uses UTC"

Worked for me, might not for you.

Okay, thank you for the effort. Ubuntu doesn't give me such GUI
options (though I had to download 3 packages for NTP support). There
are other packages in the list which "might" give me the above, but I
think I will try the command line to see what I can accomplish from
*that* side. At least now I have an "angle of attack" to solve this