Re: Yet another Nasm version...

In data Tue, 25 Sep 2007 16:55:57 +0200, Rosario scrisse:

In data Tue, 25 Sep 2007 10:35:59 GMT, Frank Kotler scrisse:
Rosario wrote:

[snip diff]
here there is something not goes
why all these lines?

'cause that's what diff gave me.

the problem seems how take control of complexity from the top to the

True. Quite a few of those lines can be eliminated by running
"". A few files still need to be added "by hand" (only way I
currently know). What compiler are you using, Rosario?

in the *visual* c++ compiler i now have, there is an option to add
.obj files to the progect; than i press the button F9 compile it
but my projects are easy for now (3 only objet file with 1 .h file for
all prototips)

and some of you could to say
"one only file.h; and how do you resolve the conflict names of

i write the c-like functions (written in asm) with the prefix example

the c++ functions and operators (written in asm) are methods of class
(or class functions) so they have their name suggested by compiler
and i think there are not problems for the c++ names of assembly
functions (for debugging at last)