Re: HLA Stdlib v2.2 is now available.

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Bottom line is that RosAsm is inappropriate for large (and even
medium) scale software development

Yes? Then show us some Assembly made Application, that would
be bigger than RosAsm itself, and/or that would have involved
more contributors, lonely clown.

Your senility is showing through again, Rene.
You've asked this question a half-dozen times before.
Have you forgotten the answer? Do you think we will forget the answer
and some believe that RosAsm is the "king of the hill?"

One answer, of course, is OS/360. A huge project with a huge team. All
written in assembly language.
And you can read about the software engineering difficulties they had
with this project in Fred Brooks' classic software engineering text
"The Mythical Man-Month".

If you want something a little more current, how about Lotus 1-2-3? Or
*most* of the PC applications written throughout the 1980s?

Of course, since then people have wised up a bit and they *don't*
develop large systems in assembly language anymore, because you cannot
put together a team of expert assembly language programmers who could
handle such a product. That's why assembly language has been relegated
to tiny projects like your's and used as "C side tools". Sadly, your
"assembly language rebirth" just isn't going to happen.

Oh, and we haven't forgotten Bogdan's game, either. Granted, only one
contributor but you did say "and/or".

Of course, it is not an "application", but the HLA stdlib v2.x is on
the same order as your code base. It's only had *three* contributors,
but once again you said and/or. When combined with the current code
base for HLA v2.0, it *greatly* exceeds the size of your system.

Randy Hyde