Re: Net-wide ASM Programming Contest

penang@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote in part:
There used to be many asm programming competition on the Net,
but unfortunately, all have closed shop.

Everything has a life cycle. Interest grows and wanes.
Some cycles are long, others short. Varies by people and topic.

Now that we have access to multi-core cpu, would it be too
much to ask the Gurus to organize some Net-wide asm programming
contests, with emphasis on multi-thread / multi-core function ?

Since you have the interest, maybe you should do it?

The difficulty with multi-threading is the same as for HLLs:
What can you reasonably fork off? How will it come together?

Many algorithms are essentially linear sequential. Sometimes
parallelism can be injected into vector processing. Othertimes
by folding [overlapping] long tasks. But it ain't easy.

-- Robert