Release of RosAsm V.2.006a

From: Betov (
Date: 10/23/04

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    Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2004 16:00:44 +0000 (UTC)

    RosAsm V.2.006a is released: < >

    All-in-One Assembly PE producer, (GPLed, Auto-Compilable) with
    complete integration:

    - RAD/IDE
    - Assembler
    - Disassembler
    - Source Level Debugger
    - Resources Editors
    - Sources Editor
    - Wizard
    - and many other Devs. Tools.

    New in V.2.006a:

    Several minor fixes.

    First test-implementation of the Internationlization of The Errors
    Messages, with New Dialog for the Error Messages, and review of
    the Error Routines, to match with the National Languages future
    implementations (experiemental, for developers only, actualy).

    Fix a conflict between the [Bad Habits] / Auto-Deletion, and the
    Code Completions.

    Remove the 'Auto-Writing' effect, in the Code Completions.

    The Macros-Unfolder was hanging, when parsing a Statement
    terminated by a bad comma. Fixed.

    Change the Automatic labels Names from 'AAAAAAAA', increasing,
    to 'ZZZZZZZZ', decreasing, in order to have them at the bottom
    of the Debugger Data View.

    Debugger [Version 1.5b]:
    - Bypass the PSAPI and the toolhelp functions that were miss-
      behaving on older Win32 Versions.
    - Experimental implementation of the call-stack.
    - Several bug-fixes.


    * Click&Go Installation.
    * Complete x86 32 Bits Instructions Set (up to SSE2).
    * True Assembler.
    * True Local Labels, plus Local Symbols.
    * Simplified Intel Syntax (basicaly, simplified NASM-like Syntax).
    * Integrations of the OS Equates, Structures, Api.
    * No include, no Proto, no nothing.
    * Multi-Lines Instructions and Multi-Instructions Lines.
    * Errors pointed in the Source, both at [Compile] and at [Run] time.
    * Accurate specific Errors Messages.
    * Simplified Sources managements. Sources.
    * All Components are saved inside the PEs.
    * Blazing fast Compilations: 2.7 Mo Source > 1.75 Second/Celeron 1.3.
    * TreeView of Source Code Labels.
    * Bookmarks and instant BookMarks.
    * Evoluated Structures Manager.
    * Modules management by TITLE.
    * Alternate and HLL-Like implementations through Pre-Parsers.
    * Wizards Mechanism, with an example of 'Forms Wizard'.
    * Progressive BackUps under user control.
    * Instant Sources searches by Right-Click features.
    * Code Completions.
    * Powerfull and simple Macros System
    * Macros unfolding.
    * Evoluated Snippets manager ([Clip] feature)
    * Reuse of Modules through the TITLEs feature.
    * "IncInclude" Pre-Parser for shared Modules, with integrated management.
    * Step by step Debugging.
    * Debugger Memory Inspector.
    * Virtual Break-Points, that can be set/removed at Write and/or Run-Time.
    * Two-Clicks-Disassembler-Reassembler, actually effective on most Demos.
    * Dialog Editor with Styles Help and Styles accuracy control,
    * Dialogs for both Resources and Memory Templates.
    * 2 Megas of Documentations: RosAsm Manual, 32 Bits Assembly Tutorials.
    * Interactive Visual Tutorials.


    < >

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