Having trouble posting?

From: Clax86 (spamtrap_at_crayne.org)
Date: 01/12/05

Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2005 08:15:13 +0000 (UTC)

If you are having trouble posting to clax86,
here is some information that might help you:

1. If you are using an "anti-spam" from address, then you need to be
 aware that many ISPs now test for valid domain names. In addition,
 there are several proposals for systems which will verify the user
 name, as well.

2. To allow you to post without exposing yourself to spammers,
 the Clax86 moderation software now replaces your real address with
 "spamtrap@crayne.org", while preserving the rest of the "From:"
 header. If you are sending a test message, please use a subject of:
  "Test, please do not approve".
 Such messages will be returned as "off topic".

 Please do not ask the moderator for help if you are
 not using a reachable from address.

3. If your posts appear on your local news server, but you don't
 get any replies, then probably the news server is not aware that
 clax86 is a moderated group. If you can't get their tech support
 folks to fix the problem, then email your post to:
 [This is the direct path to the CLAX86 robomoderator,
 and is completely independent of the process by which your news server
 converts moderated posts to email.]

4. If most of your posts work, but some seem to be falling into
 a black hole, then one of the isc relays is probably dropping
 it. Email your posts as in item 3.
5. If you think the moderators might be rejecting your posts,
 please understand that, except for obvious spam, the robomoderator
 always sends a rejection notice which contains the reason for the
 rejection. If you are using a real "from" address, and you are not
 receiving rejection notices, then it is almost certain that your
 posts are not reaching the moderation address.

6. If your posts bounce with a 550 error code, then your post has
 probably been routed through a relay which is known to allow spam.
 You can not control the routing directly, but emailing a copy of your
 post to the address in item 3 will increase the chances of
 getting an acceptable route.

5. Read the posting FAQ:


6. Email ccrayne@crayne.org, and provide as much information
 as you can about what happened when you tried the above steps.

This message is posted periodically by the Clax86 robomoderator.