Re: Hardcoded insert string for the event messages

On Wednesday, February 2, 2011 7:05:46 PM UTC-6, Andy wrote:
My goal is to produce an assembly program from the ENTIRE C code that
will work the same as the C style version.

So if replacing things is what is needed, then that would be fine.


You'll basically need to learn how things are done in assembly. If you can understand that, you'll learn very quickly how the compiler converts the more-easily-human-readable C code into machine code. Sometimes the compiler makes things quite a bit more difficult to read than hand-coded assembly, but the functionality is typically the same.

Start out with small programs:

#include <stdio>
int main()
printf("Hello world.\n");

And go up from there. You'll learn about the stack, how parameter variables are passed between functions, return values are obtained, etc.

- Rick C. Hodgin

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