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This is part of a script that I would like to run.


I can figure out what language it's in.

.... can't ... ?

"I can figure out what language it's in." I'm surprised you can't too.

Closest I can find is PowerBasic ?

Anyone recognize it?


InSubject: What language is this script?

Is it April 1st already? Are you joking? Did you even read what you
posted? Seriously, is this an "advertisement" or "encouragement" for using
this software?

It _clearly_ tells you what it is and who wrote it. From that, you can
easily find the language, as I did. Since I'm in a good mood, I'll even
tell you how, with links included, for free.

function InvPEMsg()
MsgBox("The current file seems to be an invalid PE. Cannot proceed!",

-- --------------------------------------------------
-- the main code starts here
-- --------------------------------------------------

strScriptName = "Header Pack Script - by Daniel Pistelli"

See? All needed info is right there! What it is. What version it is. Who
wrote it. Sigh ...

It says it's "Header Pack Script" by "Daniel Pistelli". So, let's put
"Header Pack Script" in quotes into Yahoo. The very first link takes you to
a page which describes "Header Pack Script". On that page, it says "Header
Pack Script" is a "CFF Explorer Extension". It has a .cff file extension,
and it has a link to the originating website. If we go to that website, we
want to find something related to "CFF Explorer Extension". When you do,
you'll see a bunch of links for Daniel Pistelli stuff. One link has a
scripting language called: "CFF Explorer's Scripting Language V2". Hmm...
Could it be? On that page, it says it's "Lua" then progresses and says it's
"modified Lua" because he added C# strings, etc.

*FIRST* link in Yahoo for "Header Pack Script"...

NTCore w/Daniel Pistelli stuff

"CFF Explorer's Scripting Language V2"


Wikipedia's description of Lua


Rod Pemberton
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