memory in my embbeded board is written backwards...

From: Yodai (
Date: 10/27/03

Date: Mon, 27 Oct 2003 13:13:17 GMT

Hi all...

I've posted this at comp.arch.embedded, but I can't seem to get any answers,
maybe because it is more of a C question than an embbeded one, so I'll try
 I have a little problem I am trying to understand.. Ok. I am developing an
application with a miniwebserver on an embedded board with msp430 and
working with IAR embedded workbench.
I have to read variables that will be introduced in certain memory positions
that will be reserved. So my application goes to memory position, say, 0x220
and reads 16bits then uses them to display them on a webpage. So far so
ince this variables will be introduced through an assember interrupt that
will get them from outside my micro, I don't have to worry about them. BUT,
to do the development I had to crerate a simulator that writes fictious info
into this memory positions to, afterwards, read it. All the variables in 16
bits work smoothly, but 32 bit variables have this WEIRD behaviour: they are
written backwards in
chunks of 16bits.... for example, if I write 0x00201582 as a 32 bit value,
once reading the memory map of my board will be shown as: "1582" on memory
position 0x224 and "0020" on memory position 0x226.... My question is, are
my writting functions wrong and I am doing this myself, or is it some sort
of standard I should have been aware of and, thus, I have to add
calculations to invert the order of this numbers? I add some of my code to
make this more understandable:

//here I define the "reserved" memory positions for some variables

#define 1st16bitvar ((uint16_t*)0x0220)
#define 2nd16bitvar ((uint16_t*)0x0222)
#define 1st32bitvar ((uint32_t*)0x0224)
#define 2nd32bitvar ((uint32_t*)0x0228)

//here I build the functions to write info onto memory positions. I call it

wr_mem16(volatile uint16_t *p, const uint16_t v)

wr_mem32(volatile uint32_t *p, const uint32_t v)

//here I write info onto the memory positions

void WriteMem(void)



//after all this I just read the functions and display them. However, this
other part is unimportant since what I am worried about is the memory map
and my functions to read cannot write over this. So, after what you've seen,
the memory map will look like this:

position value
0x220 0006 //as you can see, everything is written
properly here
0x222 0FA1 //as well as here
0x224 1582 // But what the hell is this doing here¿?
0x226 0020 //and this is the end of the begining ¿?
0x228 7A50 //again the same....
0x22a 0006

As you can see I am a little lost about this. Any guru can throw some light
upon this?