Re: Is there a list of exercise?

From: Richard Heathfield (
Date: 12/21/03

Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 10:53:40 +0000 (UTC)

tuglaq wrote:

> Shall start with C...what is the fundamental difference between C and C++.


Seriously, though, C is a small, simple, fast, easy-to-learn language. C++
is a larger, more complex, sometimesnotquitesofast, hard-to-learn language.
C++ provides support for many programming paradigms, such as procedural
programming, object-oriented programming, and generic programming. Whilst
all these things are *possible* in C, it only *supports* procedural

I heartily agree with your decision to start with C. But then I would. You
see, I'm a C bigot. You will encounter plenty of C++ bigots, too, some of
whom are otherwise rather decent people. :-)

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