Re: Headers!

From: Greg Comeau (
Date: 03/05/04

Date: 5 Mar 2004 10:36:34 -0500

In article <jyZ1c.5885$>,
Atmapuri <> wrote:
>I looked through the web and different C tutorials, but could not find
>anywhere an explanation of what are .h files and how to write them.
>Everybody explaines how to use them, but there are no references to
>why and how... Could anybody help at least with a link?

Other hand no doubt responded to this already, so I'll add
that you should consider getting a copy of Stroustrup's
3rd edition (or special edition) and check out Chapter 9.

>Another thing:
>Why this:
>#ifdef __cplusplus
>extern "C"

Because that author appears to be intending to support co-ed header
files, that is, header files that can be accepted by both C and C++.

>And is there any point in giving my file a .c extension or should I just
>make it .cpp. I will not use objects.

Depends upon your compiler.

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