Re: Newbie OOP question

From: David White (no_at_email.provided)
Date: 05/02/04

Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 08:34:40 +1000

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> "David White" <no@email.provided> wrote in message
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> > BTW, although MS and Borland are hardly anyone's idea of OOP authorities
> > once came across a class BookArray, derived from both Book and Array, as
> > example of multiple inheritance in an MS tutorial),
> This is an example, not of incompetence, but of a mixin. I'm not
> particularly an advocate of mixins myself, but I don't think it's at
> all reasonable to dismiss them as simple incompetence.

I doubt this. My recollection is that the tutorial was a sort of beginners'
guide, and it gave a simple hierarchy diagram with no details to illustrate
multiple inheritance. As defined, an instance of BookArray would be both a
Book and an Array. It wouldn't be an array of books, as the name implies.