beginner c++ homework questions... if anyone knows how to do this, any help would be greatly appreciated TIA

From: N3TB1N (4574L4V1574_at_60x.5K)
Date: 05/09/04

Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 02:04:21 -0400

Here is my assignment. I am hoping that someone here quickly knows
all of the correct answers... especially for question #5 and
everything after. Thanks in advance.


class Money



   friend istream& operator >> (istream& IS, Money& anAmount) ;


   int mDollars;

   int mCents;



class ISPAccount



   friend istream& operator >> (istream& IS, Money& anISPAccount) ;



   string mUser ;

   Money mBalance ;

   int mOnline ;



template <class Thing>

class AccountList




   vector <Thing> mSomeAccts ;




1) Write a line of code that declares an AccountList object of
ISPAccounts. Call the object theAccounts.


2) Write a public function in the AccountList class that returns the
index of an ISPAccount parameter. If the ISPAccount is not in the
mSomeAccts vector, return -1. Name the function getIndex. Note that
you will need to add some functionality to the ISPAccount class.


3) Write a function in the AccountList class that will return the
total of all the balances in an AccountList. Call the function
getTotalBal. Note that you will need to add some functionality to the
ISPAccount class and/or the Money class.


4) Write a default constructor for the Money Class that initializes
a Money object to $0.


5) Overload the default constructor so that it takes two arguments,
the first for the number of dollars and the second for the number of

class BunchOfCards



friend vector<Card> operator + (vector<Card> B1, vector<Card> B2) ;



  vector <Card> mTheCards ;

  // the “top” of the bunch is the last item on the Card on the



6) Write a member function that ‘splits’ a bunch of card in half. The
top half of the bunch is deleted from the bunch and then returned.
Consider the middle index of the bunch equal to mTheCards.size() / 2.
Here’s a sample function call:



   BunchOfCards aBunch(“the_deck.txt”);

   // creates and initializes a BunchOfCards from a file named

   // that has 36 cards.


   BunchOfCards anotherBunch ; // creates an empty BunchOfCards


   anotherBunch = aBunch . topHalf() ;

  // post condition: anotherBunch contains 18 cards taken off the

  // top of aBunch. aBunch contains the 18 cards left on the bottom of




7a) Overload the + operator so that it adds two bunches of cards

friend vector<Card> operator + (vector<Card> B2, vector<Card> B2) ;


7b) Rewrite the header making good style and efficient use of const
and &.


8) Write a member function of the BunchOfCards called cut that takes
the top half of a BunchOfCards object and puts it on the bottom.


(Question 9 is not related to any of the classes above)


9) Write a nonmember, templated function that will reverse the order
of a vector of anything

once again, thanks any help!