Re: problem with BMP files

From: Tabrez Iqbal (
Date: 09/23/04

Date: 23 Sep 2004 10:33:00 -0700

"Vasilios Vonikakis" <> wrote in message news:<citpc0$pg8$>...
> Does anyone know a way of loading and storing BMP image files with the C
> language for
> image processing? I have tried to implement the BMP format myself, but i can
> only read
> BMP files created from "Windows Paint". Any other BMP picture is blank when
> I read it.
> And all the BMP files that i try to read are of the same size, no
> compression and same
> bit depth.
> Are there any libraries that automatic load-store and manipulate BMP files?
> This is important for my work...
> Thank you in advance!

loading and storing BMP images is not part of C or C++ standard, you
have to use a third-party library. i have heard about OpenIL,
FreeImage, PaintLib libraries, all hosted on and claim
to be platform independent.