Re: Seeking very user-friendly, drag-and-drop GUI design tool.

From: JonnyD (
Date: 09/29/04

Date: 29 Sep 2004 07:32:32 -0700

Steven, look at IAB Studio from; this is the best
tool I know for rapid development of rich internet applications;
basically you use drag and drop editors, which create web applications
right in your browser - that's all you need as far as IDE is
concerned. The web applications this tool creates are as powerful as
desktop ones, and you do not have to have web development skills. It
is an ideal tool for prototyping as well. Give it a try, I think it
will come handy in your case. It's free for personal use as well. They
have a demo application at as well; it's quite


Steven O. <> wrote in message news:<>...
> I am seeking some kind of tool that I can use for GUI prototyping. I
> know how to use Visual Basic, but since a lot of software is being
> coded in Java or C++, I'd like to learn a Java or C++ -based tool.
> Back when I took my Java and C++ classes (two or three years ago), the
> available tools -- at least the ones I could find -- were still not as
> easy, not as "drag-and-drop", as Visual Basic. Has that changed?
> Is there some software out there that I could use, maybe some Borland
> or Sun product, that makes it very easy to design a basic GUI? The
> same tool could almost surely be used to build the behind-the-scenes
> code as well, but I'd leave that to pros. I just want to be able to
> create screen mockups of the GUI, and let someone else actually build
> the code that makes it work. Ideally, I'd like to find a tool where
> there is a "Personal" edition that's free, or very, very cheap.
> I visited Sun's site, and it *appears* they've discontinued all their
> personal and student versions (unless I missed something), and I can't
> afford $1000+ for the tools I did see. Borland still has the JBuilder
> "Foundation" version, for free -- can anyone tell me how user-friendly
> that is?
> Please let me know what you can recommend. I can be contacted
> directly via e-mail, if you visit the Web site in my Sig, below.
> Thanks in advance for all replies.
> Steve O.
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