More on Exceptions.

From: JoeC (
Date: 01/31/05

Date: 31 Jan 2005 10:57:17 -0800

I have been reading the threads on this subject but they are getting
ling and this is just a continuation...

Please let me kniw if this is bad practice.

I have been reading the posts some I understand some confuse me more.
I posted my example I am trying to get to run. They say that it is a
bad example. I ask for an int but if I get a char, I want to trow an
error and have x set to 0; My program compiles but, it gets caught in
the loop if I use a char.

My book shows using this for a division by 0 error. AC++ uses try with
an empty vector.

At my hobby level should not not worry about this? What are some
specific cases when it is good to use?