From: Martijn Mulder (i_at_m)
Date: 02/22/05

Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 23:09:33 +0100

I try to read one character from cin and use it as
a condition in a switch statement. However, after
pressing <Enter>, control falls through the switch.

In the little program below, there are 2 options.
Type a or b first. Then type a string. When I type 'a',
then <Enter>, the program outputs:

You typed 'a' first and then you typed''

However, when I type something like 'awhat a day'
at the prompt, the output is:

You typed 'a' first and then you typed 'what a day'

I am looking for a way to clear cin, so that I can
start with 'fresh' input inside the switch statement.


int main()
 char a;
 string s;
 cout<<"\nType a or b, type <Enter> to accept, then type a string"<<endl;
 cin.clear(); //doesn't solve it
 cin.sync(); //doesn't solve it either
  case 'a':getline(cin,s);break;
  case 'b':getline(cin,s);break;
 cout<<"\nYou typed '"<<a<<"' first and then you typed '"<<s<<'\'';
 return 0;