Q: Example of ANSI Screen Control Code Use?

From: Neil - Salem, MA USA (Neil_at_Salem.Massachusetts.USA)
Date: 03/29/05

Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 12:47:10 -0500

I am so new to C++ that most newbies are experts by comparison. (But
...give me a year and I will hopefully begin to be competent. I have 12
excellent books, recommended by folks on comp.lang.c++.moderated, that I am,
and will be, reading.) That said, forgive my question if it has been asked
and answered before.

Since there is only basic support for screens in C++, how can I create ANSI
color screens using ANSI screen control codes? Can someone direct me to a
good, yet simple, example? I will be running my C++ program in a DOS window
on a Windows XP system. Will I need a driver like ansi.sys?


Salem, MA USA