anything wrong with this?

From: atv (
Date: 12/13/03

Date: Sat, 13 Dec 2003 21:46:38 +0100

is there something wrong with this code? It seems that it crashes
at the else { clause, when allocating a second record. Excuse for
the indentation, the g_warnings are from gtk.

Also, i'm using 2 pointers in the struct, which consists of 3 ints,
and 2 pointers, which i give 256 bytes each. Much to much ofcourse,
but it's just testcode.

The code doesn't even reach the g_warning in the { code.
Any help most appreciated.

if(tail==NULL) {
        g_warning("First record in schedule allocated");
        tail=(schedule *)malloc(256);
        } else {
        g_warning("New record in schedule allocated");
        /* First check if a day is already booked */
        while(tmp!=NULL) {
        g_warning("Checking for double appointment");
        if(!strcmp(tmp->timestamp,asctime(tstruct))) {
        return -1;}
        tail->next=(schedule *)malloc(256);

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