Re: Safe subset of C?

From: Joona I Palaste (
Date: 12/16/03

Date: 16 Dec 2003 20:59:22 GMT

Alex <> scribbled the following:
> Christian Bau <> wrote:
>> In article <>,
>> Kelsey Bjarnason <> wrote:
>>> Having warnings enabled doesn't cripple C; it just lets you know when
>>> you've done something that probably isn't actually C at all. :)

>> If it isn't C at all you would get an error. If you get a warning, it's
>> most likely perfectly legal C that in some non-obvious way does
>> something entirely different from what you intended.

> AFAIK "diagnostics" need only be output from the compiler,
> not specifically as "errors" or "warnings".

So does this:

"ISO says I have to issue a diagnostic here. So to keep them happy I'll
do so."

qualify as a mandatory diagnostic for a case for which the ISO C
standard mandates one?

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