homework problem

From: jane (beckjensen_at_comcast.net)
Date: 11/12/04

Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004 12:01:07 -0600

like, my homework is due at 4:30 pm central time Nov 19, and this stupid
professor has no respect for my need to use my time elsewhere. He thinks
that if the braces are off, then there's something wrong, but I got my
braces off while dating Billy 2 years ago, and I was hotter, so I could
start dating Chad on the hockey team. It's so nice to have a friendly place
to talk about things:-)

Anyways this professor wants me to use c to hurl a 10 kg ball from St. Paul
to Chicago. He says that the physical constraints are idealized and that
this is a study in computational number theory. Black Ford is strange
sometimes, because he thinks I will have fun doing work for which there is
only intellectual enjoyment. What's that! Can anyone help--gotta go,
Oprah's on. j