Re: How to find the depencies among files in a project

On 2006-01-28, Kenny McCormack <gazelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> Jordan Abel <random832@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>On 2006-01-27, Kenny McCormack <gazelle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>> In article <ti4oa3xngu.ln2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
>>> To make this more clear, to a googler, it doesn't make any sense to "quote"
>>> (whatever the heck that is...), in fact, to do so would be absurd, when all
>>> the rest of the articles in the thread are right there in front of their
>>> faces (just as clear as the trunk on that mouse, er, elephant). And no
>>> amount of verbiage from us is going to convince them not to believe what
>>> they see. The point is you can *never* convince someone that what they see
>>> isn't reality. The only way you can address the problem is to help them
>>> fix their eyesight (or help them remove their funny glasses).
>>Except that quoting is the norm on most web forums also, so it makes
>>more sense that the reason is the fact that the "reply" button doesn't
>>quote, or that the user is just an idiot
>>(i know, i know, don't feed the troll - the problem with that for me is
>>that i think that Kenny really does honestly believe what he is saying)
> Yes, I do honestly believe it. It is called "trolling on the square".
> To address your issue: It is *not* the norm, in the real world, as it
> exists in 2006. It may be the norm on the "web forums" that *you*
> frequent, since you appear to be reasonably technically savvy and the
> forums that *you* frequent probably are reasonably technically
> sophisticated

Actually, no. The forum i'm talking about is "gaia online". Quoting is
actually more useful there than on usenet because there's NO other way
to find out who someone is replying to [usenet at least has a references
header, and many usenet interfaces also provide a tree view] on a
flat-thread UBB-type forum (which is what i was referring to as a "web
forum", and, apart from blogs, are the overwhelming majority of "web
forums"). Thus quoting is the norm on such forums.

> and are thus probably governed by the same ethos as was common in the
> Usenet of old - the one that we all grew up with, but is, alas, no
> more.

75% of the people there, and 90% anywhere but one particular subforum,
have probably never heard of google groups, let alone usenet.

> Note also that it varies by software. Some "web forums" (shouldn't
> that be fora?) do encourage "quoting" (by "encourage", I mean, the
> nature of the software, not the ethos of the participants), but the
> Google interface (have you actually seen it?) is particularly good at
> making you think that it all just strings together (exists as a unit)
> and that "quoting" would be not only superfluous, but silly.

The only real problem with google is the presence of a "reply without
quoting" button, and its relative prominence vs the "reply with quote"
button. Fix this, and the problem will go away. Only to be replaced with
top-posting, i'm sure, but still.