Re: c interview

On 1 Aug 2006 00:20:30 -0700, dis_is_eagle@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

hi....i am preparing for interview...where can i get helpful c
interview questions and tips

I don't necessarily know about any helpful C interview questions and
tips I can help you with, but for what it's worth, here's the
transcript of the start of an interview I could envision with someone
(denoted by "I", for the Interviewee):

Me: What you see on the white board is a sentence written with
improper capitalization and grammar ("i am preparing for interview.").
Go up there and write in the corrected sentence just below it.

I: That question has nothing to do with "C". Can you ask me a question
about "C"? ... sir? ... after all, I've prepared well to answer
questions about "C" ... sir ... isn't that what you want? ... sir? ...
please ... sir ... help me.

Me: Thank you Mr. I. Lilly is now here to escort you out the door.

...also,can anybody provide me with a soft
copy of the c-faq book...thanx and regards..

I hope the soft copy never comes out. Buy the hard copy. It was the
best money I ever spent, and your mileage shouldn't vary.