anyone interested in decompilation

Decompilation is the process of recovering human readable source code
from a program executable. Many decompilers exist for Java and .NET as
the program executables (class files) maintain much of the information
found in the source code. This is not true for machine code
executables however.

In recent years decompilation for machine code has moved from the
domain of crackpots and academic hopefuls to a number of real
technologies that are available to the general public. Decompilers for
machine code now exist which produce output that rivals disassemblers
as a tool for analysing programs for security flaws, malware or just
simply to see how something works. Full source code recovery that is
economically attainable will soon be a reality.

The legal challenges posed by this technology differs country to
country. As such, much research is being done in secret in countries
that prohibit some uses of the technology, whereas some research is
being done more publicly in countries that have laws which support the
technology (Australia, for example).

Boomerang is an open source decompiler written (primarily) by two
Australian researchers. Open source projects need contributors. If
you have an interest in decompilation, we'd like to hear from you.
We're not only interested in talking to programmers. The project
suffers from a lack of documentation, tutorials and community. There
are many tasks that can be performed by users with minor technical

For more information on machine code decompilation see the Boomerang
web site ( For interesting
technical commentary on machine code decompilation, see my blog

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