Re: Process and its memory Limit. (Linux biased)

On Sun, 08 Jul 2007 03:23:07 -0700, Nehil <nehilparashar@xxxxxxxxx>

When a process is started three segments are created :
1) Text.
2) Stack.
3) Data.

The size of First two is fixed and their upperlimit is fixed by the
compiler. (Plz correct if i'm wrong)
Now The Data Segment : at the start it's size is small but as the
process goes on and requires Dynamic Memory allocation, its size

Can i know the limit that how much memory a process can request
dynamically. is there any limit set by process upon a process.

if i want to develop my own memory manager including Garbage collector
for Linux, what are the points should i consider as a precaution.

If any of this is true (none of it is on my system), it is specific to
your OS, compiler, and run-time library. You will have better luck
discussing this in a group where they are topical.

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