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Keith Thompson wrote:
CBFalconer <cbfalconer@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

No, you can't link C++ to C, in general.

I don't believe that's correct. Further information would be
topical in comp.lang.c++, not in comp.lang.c (since it's C++, not
C, that defines the mechanisms), but see questions 32.5 and 32.6
in the "C++ FAQ Lite" at <>.

The point is that C++ function names are modified, to express the
parameter types, in the linkable object code sections. C does not
do this, since it doesn't have shared function names etc. Thus the
C++ code can be told (with the "extern C {...}") that selected C
functions are to be accessed (from C++) with unmodified names. The
reverse is not possible.

Thus I gave the general method for making C object code available
to aa C++ program.

Maybe we are confusing the direction of linking? You can call C
from C++, but not C++ from C (without impossible diddling).

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