Re: Bug/problem with lcc-win

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I believe Jacob is making the wrong decision, but obviously it's up to
him. People have been predicting the death of DOS for the last 20 years,
and it's still going strong - maybe Jacob could do some market research
company to find out whether there's a viable market. I believe there would

In my experience, most freeware/shareware programs would be lucky to get
$500 in donations/registration fees for the entire lifetime of the
product, so I don't think it's a bad offer for a couple months development

Suppose that compiler got done what then?? Dont you think that a large percentage of your so called big market would just be staying with their old compiler because that has worked for so many years already and is free anyway?

Do you have your blue background by now by the way?

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Thanks for the reply.

I've spoken to my boss, and we would consider paying up to $500 for a
DOS version of lcc-win (compiler + IDE + debugger) if it could be
developed within 4 to 6 months. For that we'd expect unlimited-use
licenses for both DOS and Windows versions of lcc-win, but you could
also sell licenses to other customers too (my guess is that the DOS
version would have a market of several thousand companies - I don't
think there'll be much slowdown in the use of DOS for the next 10 to 15
years at least).

If interested, contact me by private email.

$500? Is that a joke?

Do you have any idea of the going rate for professional programmers?

Is /that/ a joke? Do you have any idea of the going rate for DOS compilers?
About 15 years ago, I paid around 50GBP (approx $100) for Turbo C.

Okay let me restate my position as it has seems to have caused some problems.

Jacob has already stated he does not have the time to develop it. The
fact that the windows compiler is given away for free would indicate
that he also does not have time to offer the support for a
proffessional product. This is of course based on assumption but I
would be surprised if it was not true.

Therefore this is effectively a commised work. Regardless of whether
Eddie allows the Jacob to sell the software afterwards it is irrelevant
as the signs indicate that support for a commercial application is a
bit far fetched.

Plus for 4 - 6 months of work a programmer would have to be damn sure
that there was a significant market for his product, which given the
DOS only nature is debatable. I do not see it as being a realist
request or price point given the economics and support requirements
that such a project would require.

Oh and I suppose support would be demanded for the unlimited licenses
that are requesting included in the price.

I stand by original question. Is this a joke?