Re: short circuit evaluation

Keith Thompson wrote:
CBFalconer <cbfalconer@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
James Kuyper wrote:

... snip about <stdbool.h> ...

You're right - my mistake. But I mis-remembered it as a standard
typedef because it makes more sense to me that it would be a
typedef. Does anyone know why it's a macro? I suppose it might be
because you can #undef a macro, but you can't turn off a typedef.
If you want to use 'bool' as the standard macro in one part of a
translation unit, and as a user-defined identifier with an
incompatible meaning from legacy code in a later part of the same
translation unit, making 'bool' a macro allows you do so. But
that seems like too convoluted a motivation for such a choice.

Because 'bool' was not a reserved word in C90. This way you can
keep the compiler compatible with C90 source that used it, and true
and false macros, differently. Note that _Bool IS a reserved word,
but is in the implementors namespace.

The question is why 'bool' is a macro rather than a typedef, not why
it's not a keyword in C99.

Which is what I thought I said.

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