Re: confused about copying strings

Ian Collins wrote:
On 07/18/10 11:11 AM, Richard Heathfield wrote:
Angus wrote:
The sample code below simulates receiving a protocol message with a
tlv structure - type/length/data_value.

I am confused about copying the actual data to a temp string.

Since you know in advance that you have sufficient storage to store the
copy, use strcpy.

int dtype = *mybytes++;
int dsize = *mybytes++;
size_t size = dsize;
char *data = malloc(size);
if(data != NULL)
if(strlen(mybytes) < size)

That would would work in the special case here of a string literal, but probably wouldn't be much use with data over the wire, unless it was null terminated.

I checked the OP's code, and his end test is for null termination. I assumed, therefore, that he has null-terminated data.

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