Re: OT: Will non net-neutrality kill the internet?

John Kelly wrote:
On Mon, 09 Aug 2010 11:17:02 +0200, Sjouke Burry
<burrynulnulfour@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

John Kelly wrote:
Not understanding everything about God is no excuse for willful
ignorance of His laws and purpose.
Amazing how you can read the mind of a deity.

Anyone can read the Bible. But few do.

It was penned by men but authored by God. The foolish say "there is no

But if there is no God, then why does the universe exist at all? Why is
there not merely a void of nothingness? Mathematically, is a void of
nothingness more probable than a universe consisting of matter? Can you
devise a proof, or counter proof?

In science, you cannot proof non-existence ,not for gods, fairies, or trolls or ghosts.
The burden of proof works the other way around.
And positive proof is missing.

And in the bible you can find all sorts of contradictionary statements.

Apparently you only read what you fancy.
And claiming to know what your god(if he exists) thinks,
is the ultimate arrogance.

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