Re: IBM Disk/Memory question

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| Help!!!!
| The IBM has got to be one of the stupidest machines ever put into
| comission! That said, could someone please help me? I am writing a
| DOS application and want to find out the amount of memory on the system.
| I thought I would be smart and called INT 12H but that tells me there is
| a base of 640K on the IBM.... DUH!!! So next I tried calling INT 15H,
| service 88H, which is supposed to return the # of K of extended memory
| on a 286 or better, but it returns a 0. Now... I know my machine is a
| 386 and that it has 4M of RAM installed on it, so what's going on? Can
| anyone suggest any way for me to get the amount of RAM on the system?
| Okay, next, I want to try and get the processor speed in Mhz. I know
| hwo to get whether it's 286, 386, 486, or pentium, and if there is a
| math coprocessor attached, but I have no idea how to get how many Mhz
| the machine is running at. And the last, is easiest, I think. I want
| to be able to determine if a drive is a HD or a floppy drive.

A: is a floppy drive; B: is a floppy drive; C: is a HD; D: is a HD.