Re: Reusable source code

On 9/7/2010 3:25 AM, James Dow Allen wrote:
On Sep 7, 1:17 pm, Nick<3-nos...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
You'll end up with sub-directories and fancy make files

sallysort.o: sallysort.c
rm qspecif.h
ln sallysort.h qspecif.h
cc -O -c -o sallysort.o qvariant.c
Much simpler than many makefiles.

Simple, maybe, but correct? I don't see how it could be --
but it's possible I'm blinded by the simplicity. It seems to me
that sallysort.o should have dependencies on qvariant.c and on
sallysort.h, but I don't see those expressed anywhere.

Even if cleaned up, such a "for the nonce" change to the file
system would be utter poison for parallel builds. Since we're
supposing a large project (who would go to this much trouble for
a small one?), I think we've also got to suppose long build times
and an incentive to parallelize.

Eric Sosman