Re: If you could change the C or C++ or Java syntax, what would you like different?

Felix Palmen wrote:
* Jon <jomar@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Felix Palmen wrote:
* Ian Collins <ian-news@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
Maybe "at the point of first use (which happens to be the point of
initialisation)" would have been clearer?

Which would be -- in the general case of first using them somewhere
in the middle of a scope block -- illegal in C89.

In fact, I like this C89 restriction.

What about loop vars? Same thing?

for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
// blah with i

Isn't that effectively the same as "in the middle of a scope"?



a loop is its own scope

Hello, duh.

where the block delimeters /can/ be
omitted for a single-statement body

Advanced topics in language implementation and compiler design then, yes?

(but this is often discouraged in
coding conventions).

"they" are wrong and *I* am right on this one (it's worth it):


if (i_rock)


Nuff said?

------ (now about this ugly comnent syntax...)