Re: Integer Overflow

jacob navia <jacob@xxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
Le 29/12/10 15:34, christian.bau a écrit :
What _precisely_ is the semantics of the "_overflow" function?

It returns 1 if the last operation overflowed, zero if not.
Concerned operations: signed +,-,*, and /.

What about shift operators? ++? --? Conversions? Array indexing?
Pointer arithmetic? What about division by 0? What *exactly*
does "the last operation" mean?

What bothers me is that you seem so upset that I offer a SOLUTION
instead of just allowing UB. Maybe you can offer a BETTER solution?

I am all ears.

Nobody is upset with you for offering a solution. We are offering
criticisms of the solution you're offering. If you don't want
criticism, I suggest not posting here. (That last was not meant
seriously; what I actually suggest is that you post here *and*
accept criticism.)

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