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(I hope lcc-win doesn't use alloca() to implement VLAs.)

C++ doesn't have this feature, and Microsoft (Plauger) objected.

P.J. Plauger is not, and never has been, an employee of Microsoft.
If you're saying that Plauger objected for reasons having to do
with Microsoft, that may be true (can someone else comment?),
but your statement implies more than that.

As you say PJP is NOT an employee of MS. Whilst MS are a big customer of
his so are most of the other high end compiler companies. Most of the
others are in the embedded space and they are still on C90 (actually
C95) and they want a compact C language that runs on MCU from 8-128
bits. It is the 8 (and some 16) bit systems where they need to keep the
language compact.

BTW there are stil more 8 bit MCU used than the 16 and 31 bit MCU put

In the last time he resigned from the C++ standards "steering" group
(or similar if my memory serves).

ISO-C++ Working Group. WG21

It is a pity that he stayed in the
C standards committee, and proposed to dismantle several features
of C99, a proposal that was accepted.

As of the latest draft, two C99 features (is that "several"?) are being
made optional, not "dismantled".

Because the majority of the industry does not want/need them. There are
a lot of problems in C99. They are trying fix them for C1*

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