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Le 03/01/11 12:08, Chris H a écrit :

Which "big" compilers implemented C99? IAR did not. ARM did not in fact
most of the worlds compilers did not....

In the site of that company we can read:

Language and standards
* The C programming language as standardized by ISO/ANSI C94 with
selected features from C99
<end quote>
This is an ongoing implementation.
Mr Hills:

Either you know nothing about what you are talking about
You are just lying.

I know a Lot more about it than you do.

Everyone has done partial implementations (including GCC). No one in the
main stream has done full implementations. The problem is the C99 added
a hell of a lot of stuff no one wanted.

So far the people that according to you are "lying" the people who have
actually seen or been on the inside of the standard process.

All I can suggest is that you join your National Body for C
standardisation and take part in WG14.

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