Re: Interview with Mr Stroustrup

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How many of your apps are ported to multiple architectures?

Seed7 runs under Linux, Bsd, various Unix variants, Mac OS
and Windows.

What about VMS, MuCos, SAFERTOS, EmbOS, Sciopta, Integrity, ThreadX,
OSE, VXWorks, QNX, CMX, eCOS, OSEK, LynxOS, Nutrino, Nucleus, PikeOS
pSOS,Velocity and many others....

The source code of Seed7 is written in C and
can be compiled with gcc, MS visual C and the Borland C

IAR, Keil, ARM, Cosmic, Bytecraft, ImagCraft, Crossware, IBM, Intel,

SO basically he ports to Windows and UNIX and uses one of three
compilers... That is NOT "portable"
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