template parameters are hidden by class members

From: Gianni Mariani (gi2nospam_at_mariani.ws)
Date: 02/02/04

Date: 02 Feb 2004 13:38:19 EST

I was a little surprised by this:

It seems like the code below should not compile but the Comeau 4.3.3
compiler accepts it and the gcc 3.4(prerel) compiler rejects it and
MSVC++7.1 ICE's.

14.6.1 in the standard seems to imply that template parameters are
hidden by class members.

struct X
     struct C { int x; };
     class Z { Z(int){} };

     template<typename T,typename A, template<typename,typename> class C>
     C<T, A> Func()
         return C<T, A>(); // should find X::C which is not a template

     template< typename Z > Z Zunc()
         return Z(); //this is X::Z and fail on undefined constructor

     template< typename Z > void Zinc()

     void tst()


Notch that up to another C++ lesson.

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