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Date: 03/12/04

Date: 12 Mar 2004 00:47:34 +0100

Ten bombs exploded in three separate locations along a commuter train line
in Madrid.

MADRID, March 11 In the worst terrorist attack in Spanish history, at least
10 bombs exploded during rush hour today in three commuter train stations
here. The Interior Ministry said 190 people were killed and more than 1,200

As the country struggled to absorb the carnage and shock of the highly
coordinated attacks, Prime Minister José María Aznar appeared on television
and told his people, "Terrorists tried to cause as much pain as possible.
March 11 now has it place in the history of infamy."

There was no advance warning of the attacks and no claim of responsibility,
although Spanish authorities immediately ruled out international terrorism
and blamed the Basque separatist group E.T.A.

Mr. Aznar, whose armored car saved him from an E.T.A. attack when he was an
opposition leader in 1995, added that his government would never negotiate
with "killers."

Yeah, bomb the terrorists in Spain with cluster bombs that turn lungs
inside out.
We used in them Afghanistan on women and children or any who didnot look
like us.
Brief History of Terrorism:
The suicide terrorist originated in Sri Lanka. The tamil terrorist was
invented by India 
and Israel. They were taught to blow up ships by amphibious techniques. The
innovation was the cyanide capsule. No tamil hindu was caught alive as it
bite the cyanide capsule and died with blue color. These techniques were
pioneered by Mossad and
RAW subversive agencies.
Today, AlQaeda has EMPHATICALLY lost the monopoly on coordinated attacks
large vehicles.
Coult it be related to Bush election? An experiment in Spain on how if the
are being lost, what to do?
What goes around comes around. The truth is at:
NATO declare war on the terrorists. Bomb them, so their lungs turn inside
Crucial test of civilization is equality of standard. 
A eruopean, mozelm, jew, hinudu terrorist as equal.
This is a war!!!!! against terrorism !!!!!
On a personal note: It is very sad that the world is become crazy.
Take Note:
The real war should start from dismantling the madrassahs of terrorism and
they are MOSSAD, RAW and XXX. They pioneered and proliferated the
techniques and are simply criminal and morally odious. 
It started in Sri Lanka.

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