C going to C++

From: Kevin Torr (kevintorr_at_hotmail.com)
Date: 04/04/04

Date: Sun, 4 Apr 2004 19:16:35 +1000

I've been using C for some time now and I would like to take my first leap
into C++. I should warn you that I have little or no experience with visual
C++, though I do have some experience with different OOP languages.

I am using Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.

I would like to create a very simple program to begin with:

A dialog box, say 320x240 in size, with file->exit and help->about menus.
Inside the box will be an input field where you type in your number, and a
button that says 'Go'.
Under that will be another text field which will give you 2* what you typed
previously if it's a number, otherwise it pops up with an error box saying
"Please enter only integers and decimals into the box".

So this is what I have done so far:
Created a new "Win32 application" project called "thetest".
I then create a new "C++ Source File" called "thesource" and add it to the
workspace "thetest".
I go up to 'insert -> resource -> menu' and create the menu
I save the resource as 'menu.rc' and 'menu.rc' to the 'Resource Files'
folder in the 'File View'

This is about as far as I can get without a tutorial or instructions to get
me further.
I'm not sure how to access the resources I have included to the project from
the C++ source file.

If someone could followup with either instructions or a URL that can run me
through this step-by-step, it would be very handy. Thanks.

Also, How do I remove files/resources from my workspace? There is no
'delete' item in the right-click menu!