Re: I need an understanding of what C++ is good for -Thanks

From: E. Robert Tisdale (
Date: 04/20/04

Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 12:32:34 -0700

RAY wrote:

> How do I (as a non-programmer) know if the person's answers are true?
> Or if they are stretching for answers (in the unknown)?

You don't.
You are a dishonest person so you suspect everyone else.
You don't know anything about C++ so you can't judge.
Stick to topics that you know something about
so that you can judge the candidate --
unless, of course, you have you boss fooled
and don't know anything about the business at all.

The right candidates should be able to tell you
how they can solve your problems.
And if they can convince you of that,
they can easily pick up C++ or whatever [language] is required.
If they can't, it doesn't matter how well they know C++.
They won't be able to help you.