Re: I need an understanding of what C++ is good for -Thanks

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Date: 04/20/04

Date: 20 Apr 2004 16:40:02 EDT

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> > Regarding your anaology, I'd say that's not accurate. A good surgeon,
> given
> > a few weeks training in the use of a laser surgery device, should be
> to
> > do laser surgery.
> If you have a position for a laser surgeon, then it would be even more
> ludicrous to hire just any doctor and hope he "picks it up", rather than
> hiring an expert with extensive experience. Ridiculous. I can't believe
> I'm hearing this.

Speaking of ludicrous! Did I say "just any doctor", or that he or she would
just "pick it up"? No, I said a "good surgeon, given a few weeks training"!

Do you actually work in the real world? Many organizations retrain staff
from their own organization for specific tasks rather than try to hire an
unknown just because that unknown claims x number of years with the specific
tool or skill. And I'd bet any good manager would much rather have a truly
good programmer with little or no C+ experience than an average programer
with a few years C++ experience. Now, if an applicant meets BOTH
requirements, then you've struck gold!

As for interview questions, I'd ask C++ questions if the applicant claimed
C++ experience. I'd ask other questions if they claimed other experience.
The key is to find a good programmer, a good thinker, a good designer, and a
good team member. The specifics of any given language are far less
important than finding someone who can truly help solve your company's
specific problems.