CPP builder 6 and MySQL with or without VCL ?

From: Lotfi (llbaghli(nospam)_at_ifrance.com)
Date: 08/06/04

Date: Fri, 6 Aug 2004 04:18:21 +0200


I am trying to access MySQL DB with C++ Builder 6 pro,
I have Apache 2 under W2000 pro and MySQL 4

I found
but it is not free :-(
but the trial version seems to work

I will also have a look to :

I need things simpler with no VCL
SO I found an example of :
Author: Jethro Wright, III TS : 3/ 4/1998 9:15 */
/* Date: 02/18/1998 */
/* mytest.c : do some testing of the libmySQL.DLL.... */
/* */
/* History: */
/* 02/18/1998 jw3 also sprach zarathustra.... */

it works under C++builder 6 pro in consoile mode and "C" syntax

after rebuilding the .lib .def with implib impdef in order to link them with
his C source

but If I rename its file to .CPP
and rebuild it gives lot of errors (that where warnings before) because of
the use of :
char * pszT;
and mysql DLL functions are returning a const char *

also when I include <VCL.h> file (in order to use VCL forms) then no
building is possible :-(

gives errors near :

ypedef struct st_net {
  Vio* vio;
  unsigned char *buff,*buff_end,*write_pos,*read_pos;
----->>>> my_socket fd; /* For Perl DBI/dbd */
  unsigned long max_packet,max_packet_size;

Has anybody succeded to compile C++ VCL forms with the standard libmySQL.DLL
given with MySQL

I just need to connect to MySQL DB and do some queries, but I need the full
VCL environement...

give me website or tutorial example / help :-)

Thanks in advance.