Re: C++ for web development?

From: David Hilsee (
Date: 08/19/04

Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 01:35:44 -0400

"Robert" <> wrote in message
> I was wondering if there was any web server which supported the use of
> c++ as a server side method for creating dynamic web pages. Is this
> viable, or should I just bite the bullet and learn a server-side
> scripting language like php?

I'm sure that it is possible to write C++ CGI applications. I have seen C++
CGI code, and there are libraries to aid in C++ CGI development (e.g. However, this is not a topic
generally discussed in comp.lang.c++. I will say that higher-level
languages like Java, Perl, Python, and PHP will probably provide more
extensive web development libraries and a larger web development community
due to their popularity amongst web developers.

David Hilsee