Simple UNICODE question

From: Roger Thornhill (
Date: 11/09/04

Date: 9 Nov 2004 13:55:35 -0800

Hi -

I have a question that I am sure is a basic UNICODE question for
anyone out there with UNICODE experience.

I simply would like to see a non-Latin unicode character printed to my

To do that, I have been attempting to:

(a) wcout << (wchar_t)38 << endl; // should print a semicolon


(b) wcout << (wchar_t)297 << endl; // should print the copyright
symbol (latin supplemental)


(c) wcout << (wchar_t)8240 << endl; // should print the permil symbol

I have gotten (a) to work. (b) and (c) do not and I would be
interested to know why. I am assuming that I should also be able to
print out a kanji character or hangul (Korean) character, for example.

I've tried using different console fonts. I am wondering if I need to